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Design protection in the EU

The Budapest-based law firm of Dr. Krajnyák & Partner has lots of experience in the field of industrial European design protection - you can count on the legal advice of our expert lawyers. Feel free to contact us today!

What does industrial design protection mean in the EU?

Design protection in the EU covers the external appearance of objects used in an industrial environment, meaning the aesthetic elements of the product, which have no relation to the function itself.

The new and individual appearance of the whole or part of any industrial or handicraft product, which is characterized by the external characteristics of the product itself or its decoration – especially the design, contours, colors, shape, surface, and the characteristics of the materials used – can be protected as a design. 

Examples of design protection in the EU:

  • the body of a car
  • furniture
  • lamps
  • jewelry
  • packaging
  • the unique interior appearance of business premises

European design protection – How long does it last?

Design protection can be obtained at the national, EU (“community designs”), and international levels. Its costs are significantly lower than those of a trademark application. 

European design protection lasts for a period of 5 years and can be renewed four times, resulting in a total protection time of 25 years (however, some countries outside the EU only allow fewer renewals, ie. the protection lasts a shorter time). 

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