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Copyright protection

Dr. Krajnyák & Partner’s intellectual property law firm often acts on behalf of authors to voluntarily register their works and to provide protection against copyright infringement. Contact our lawyers for more information on copyright protection or dispute resolution!

What does copyright protection mean?

Copyright protection comes into being automatically, starting from the creation of the work, by virtue of the law, and this protection (effective from the moment the work is created) lasts for 70 years from the year following the author’s death.

Copyright protects individual, original works created in any field of arts and sciences, regardless of their aesthetic quality or value judgment regarding the work. 

The main difference between copyright protection and rights from trademark or patent protection is that while patent and trademark protection is subject to application procedure before various offices or authorities, copyright law protects works from the moment they are created.

Legal advice from our copyright infringement lawyers in Budapest 

In our experience, it is worth seeking legal advice from a copyright infringement lawyer regarding copyrighted works’ protection. 

In most of the cases we’ve seen, the majority of problems arise when the parties involved are not aware of whether the created works may be subject to copyright protection or not. In many cases, it is disputed whose intellectual product a given work of art is. Clarifying these issues with a copyright infringement lawyer before any disputes can help the parties avoid litigation, which usually comes with high legal and administrative costs. 

Copyright lawyers’ help for copyright registration 

Another matter that our copyright lawyers encounter in our practice is the voluntary register of works, which is a publicly certified register. Registering one’s works enables the author to prove with public deed that they in fact hold the rights pertaining to the work. This further certifies that the work already existed with the registered content on a given day. Registry of works is subject to a request submitted to the HIPO, and an administrative fee. 

Contact our copyright dispute lawyers in Budapest today! 

Our expert copyright lawyers in Budapest offer a wide range of services in the field of copyright law, including:

  • Clarifying the authorship of works
  • Licensing and use of the works
  • Copyright registration to the voluntary register
  • Copyright disputes

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